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About us


The Society works towards achieving its objectives in coordination with official bodies and specialized institutions for the following purposes:

  • Encouraging voluntary work among Kuwaiti women for community service.
  • Instilling patriotism and loyalty to the country and promoting awareness for the preservation of public facilities.
  • Preparing women to play their positive roles in serving their community by organizing training workshops for volunteers in various fields, including first aid, care for the disabled, and civil defense.
  • Preparing girls to fulfill their natural roles within family life through lectures, seminars, books, films, and more.
  • Providing guidance and qualification courses for women before and during pregnancy, as well as after childbirth, in collaboration with relevant centers and institutions.
  • Assisting working mothers in creating opportunities to raise their children without conflicting with their work duties.
  • Establishing model nurseries for nurturing children, providing them with proper healthcare, psychological support, and education.
  • Offering social, sports, educational, and entertainment forums for families and children.
  • Supporting children in improving their academic achievements.
  • Collaborating with specialized institutions and ministries to support the social and health needs of people with disabilities, providing methods and means for their rehabilitation and integration as productive members.
  • Establishing cultural and educational centers equipped with scientific resources to develop professional, intellectual, and scientific capacities, as well as promoting Islamic values and traditions.
  • Creating an advanced cultural library to encourage reading, research, and book authorship that serves children in alignment with the association's goals.
  • Raising awareness among Kuwaiti families about prudent spending and public consumption.
  • Assisting in solving social problems within families to ensure cohesion, in cooperation with relevant authorities.
  • Organizing seminars, lectures, and film screenings to combat youth deviations such as addiction, smoking, drugs, etc., and guiding them towards embracing Islamic and social values.
  • Supporting charitable and humanitarian work both domestically and internationally to fulfill the association's objectives.
  • Participating in national and social occasions through various activities, organizing meetings and gatherings in collaboration with institutions and nonprofit associations.
  • Collaborating with similar associations locally and internationally to achieve the association's objectives and gain experiences.
  • Publishing a monthly cultural magazine to serve the association's cultural objectives."
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